Crowd - Tracks

Below are some tips for setting up crowd materials. At present we model crowd as per person billboards. We have maps for seated crowds and standing crowds.

Firstly we presume that you have exported billboards correctly. See Common Export Settings for help there.

Then with your material you will want to start out with as follows:

  • Use IBL Standard Material
  • On Billboards materials, use Cylindrical Normals in the Material Editor. This pushes the normals around, but not up like Pointy normals do.
  • Normal maps should be very strong and be full of details for the shape of the person.
  • Specular: We are able to leave specular at 1.0 on spectators.
  • Roughness: In general our crowd should have very rough values.
  • You can use per billboard vertex colour to give some subtle differences in the luminance of each person if you wish by applying random vertex colour on a per element basis.