Track Structure


This page sets out a very high level overview of what is in a location. More indepth explanations of files can be found on the sub pages.

Developer Mode Install Folder

Locations are installed into the following directory. steamapps\common\rFactor 2\ModDev\Locations

Location Structure

A location follows a standard format. The beneath structure is as locations are read when being used in ModDev, inside the Locations base folder.

Each overall location is stored with in a single folder. Multiple sub layouts can be saved with in that folder. Each layout must have a unique name.

  •  Assets
    • ANIMs (ANM Animation files are stored here, these are typically exported from 3ds Max via plugins)
    • GMTs (GMT Mesh files are stored here, these are typically exported from 3ds Max via plugins)
    • MAPs (Texture maps are stored here, they should be in DDS file format)
    • SCENEs (3DS Max Files are stored here. Sub folders can be created for TSOs or Profiles)
    • SOURCEs (Source files such as PSDs, Substance files, Vector files etc)
  • <LocationName>_<Layout> (There is one folder for each layout of the track, which contains the various files to define each layout. It may also contain loose GMT and MAP files specific for this layout.)
    • <LocationLayoutName>.AIW (This AI Waypoint file contains text AI definitions for the layout)
    • <LocationLayoutName>.CAM (This Camera file contains text Track side camera definitions)
    • <LocationLayoutName>.GDB (This Game Database file contains a text database of generic meta data about the location layout)
    • <LocationLayoutName>.SCN (This Scene file contains a text list of all the objects to be rendered in the scene as well as information about where to find those files and various other definitions)
    • <LocationLayoutName>.WET (This Wet Weather file contains text definitions of how scripted weather and the environment in general should behave)
    • *.rrbin (These are real road definition files, generated from in ModDev mode. These provide a base line of rubber that can be loaded when setting up a session)
    • <LocationLayoutName>_Loading.jpg (This is the loading screen at resolution 1920x1080)
    • <LocationLayoutName>icon.tga (This is an icon file for the layout at resolution 102x87)
    • <LocationLayoutName> (An alternative icon at resolution 512x512)
    • <LocationLayoutName> (Another alternative icon at resolution 190x128)
    • (A texture which shows the track map on the cars steering wheel. Resolution 128x256)
  • <LocationName>.tdf (This Terrain Data File is a text based definition of how different surfaces should react, whether they be driven or collidable. This file is referenced via each layouts GDB file)
  • <LocationName>Icon.tga (This is an icon for the overall group of locations).

The above structure then packs each folders contents into a MAS file and usually encrypted. This is our own propriety format for archiving up files. A location is distributed for the main game as a rFCMP file. The game launcher will install this into the main install as a series of MAS files along with an MFT meta data file which just very basically describes the version of the content and includes checksum verification for the MAS files.

GMT Files

Files of GMT format are our export of meshes. These are exported directly from 3ds Max via plugins.

AI Waypoint File (AIW)

The AI Waypoint file is generated using the AI Editor which is included with in the ModDev mode.

Camera File (CAM)

The Camera file can be generated using a specific mode in ModDev. It can also be done by hand or using 3rd party applications.

Game Database File (GDB)

The GDB file contains the unique identifier for the layout on the first line, and then a series of properties are defined, including the name of the layout, and various other meta information such as location, length, latitude, longitude, race date etc.

Scene File (SCN)

The SCN File contains information about the scene in general. It starts of with all the paths to search for files and any MAS file which should also be searched. The View and some basic settings such as shadow range and basic fog settings. It also contains all light, object and reflection mapper definitions. It is possible to export this data directly from 3ds Max, but it is often easiest to just export snippets of information and manually edit these in.

Wet File (WET)

Wet files allow us to preconfigured scripted environmental conditions. From how the road grips up from session to session by default and also how the weather changes over time during sessions too.


Inside the locations folder is a commonmaps.mas file. This contains various basic maps which are shared with all locations usually (it still has to be specified in the SCN file).