Real Road Files (RRBIN)

Real Road Files are stored information for the condition of the road on a per vertex basis. They can be saved out in game at any point.

We ship each layout of a track with 4 presets: Light, Medium, Heavy and Saturated.

The best way to generate these files is with a large number of real drivers and saving them carefully at the right point. In practice a quicker and easier method is required though.

Any change to the exported files will invalidate any RRBIN files. It is important to generate them as a last step.

To generate these files with AI the following is recommended:

  • Either install the latest version of the track in the Game or run from ModDev.
  • Start a 20 car race with 20 random different cars with a big spread in performance.
  • Make the track start Green, and use x5 Real Road acceleration.
  • Save the light profile after 3 laps of the race. (equivalent of 300 laps)
  • Save the medium profile after 6 laps of the race. (equivalent of 600 laps)
  • Save the heavy profile after 10 laps of the race. (equivalent of 1000 laps)
  • Save the saturated profile after 20 laps of the race. (equivalent of 2000 laps)

The files will be saved into your settings folder for the track. Copy these into the main layout folder and package your track.