Substance Utility Pack

The Substance Utility pack of nodes primarily for Substance software which we distribute publicly to help modders produce content.

To install the Substance Designer nodes, either extract it into your user Substance Designer Library or configure your project to read the path where it was extracted to.

Then hit space bar in your graph and enter the name of the node you wish to use.

This pack consists of the following:

gMotor Utilities


This is a set of nodes for Substance Designer focused on gMotor compatible outputs. It contains

  • PBR to gMotor: Converts PBR inputs into gMotor compatible channel packing output. You can configure the outputs you want it to produce, and it names them compatible with Map Converter.
  • gMotor to PBR: This converts gMotor inputs into a standard PBR material with individual channels for each.
  • gMotor Atlas: This takes a gMotor material and adds Color Dilate to each input based on the albedo alpha channel. Great for improving the output of atlased trees or other assets with transparency.

Combine Utilties


This is a set of utilities focused on atlasing textures or materials together. In general these can be stacked recursively to combine many textures or materials together. It contains the following:

  • Combine Two Textures: Combines Two Colour textures either horizontally or vertically.
  • Combine Two Textures Greyscale: Combines two Greyscale textures horizontally or vertically.
  • Combine Two Materials: Combines two complete PBR materials either horizontally or vertically.
  • Material Tiling: Allows you to tile a material further. Uses a tile sampler on each material input to tile it to the size of a custom background input.

Splatter Map Generator


This graph is a Splatter Map Generator which can be used to generate a map to control blending on the Terrain Shader. It also takes inputs such as opacity mask, tree masks etc to bake shadows and add certain blending traits in different areas.

It is technically possible to use this generator in the free Substance Player application.

For more information see PBR - Using Terrain Shader.

Road Details Generator


This graph generates details for the Roads. The Road Details map is an extension of the puddle map, and contains a level of prebaked coverage for skid marks, dust, wear as well as the puddle map in the alpha channel. This graph can take baked inputs to generate this output.

It is technically possible to use this generator in the free Substance Player application.

For more information see PBR - Using Road / Curb Shader

Substance Painter Export Profiles


Here we have created some export profiles to help with the export of assets from Substance Painter.

To add these presets to Painter, drop the two files in the following folder:

Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\export-presets