Scene Viewer

The Scene Viewer is a standalone application which can be used to load a location with out starting the full game. However it should be noted that the Scene Viewer is often updated slower than the main game.

Location and Setup

The application can be found in the following directory: steamapps\common\rFactor 2\ModDev\Viewerx64Release DX11.exe and it uses setup2_DX11.ini to configure it's setup.

Below is a reasonable default configuration file. You should modify it to add extra locations that you wish to load.


Use is fairly self explanatory. Select the Scene from the drop downs that you wish to load, and ensure that your video settings are setup reasonably, and then press OK to load the location.

Once loaded you can now walk around the environment easily. There are also various dialogues that you can use to adjust various settings, change time etc. (Note that not all of these work)

Adding Extra Locations

By default there are not many accessible locations in the viewer. It does not index the installed locations automatically for instance.

There are buttons in the application to specify extra locations, however they do not keep relative paths. 

The easiest way is to open setup2_DX11.ini  Notepad++ and then add extra SceneDir entries for the other locations. 

Make sure the Scene Viewer is not open when editing setup2_dx11.ini or your changes will not be picked up.

For example:


Using User Interface

It is also possible to use the user interface to add extra locations to the Scene Viewer. However this does not maintain extra paths. To do this, you need to set both the root path (to the locations folder eg: Z:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\ModDev\Locations) and location paths (to the SCN file eg: Z:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\ModDev\Locations\Monaco\Monaco_GP) using the File icon next to those options in the user interface. They both will set absolute paths. There may also be an error on first load of the file, due to a bug in the way the scene viewer works. If you restart the scene viewer it should work on the second load.


Below are the standard controls in the viewer.

Mouse Move + Left ClickAdjust View
Arrow KeysWalk in that direction
A or ZUp / Down
GToggle Ground Tracking
SToggle Statistics
UToggle Shadows
LToggle Night Lights
CToggle Ansio Setting
ESCExit the Viewer
ALT+RShow Cube Mappers
TBrowse Between Cube Mappers
SHIFT+TReverse Browse Between Cube Mappers
ALT + NumberSave your current location as preset
CTRL + NumberGo to the specified saved present

Tweak Bar Rollouts

TweakBar Rollouts allow the modification of various settings whilst viewing a location. Please note that some of these are a hangover from old development and no longer work.

Time / Location Rollout

This roll out allows the modification of many basic parameters. These settings are filled with defaults and settings from the GDB file usually.

Adjust Weather Conditions

The majority of these settings are not working at present.

You can type in the name of an rrbin file for the track and load the groove and marble information for it.

It is possible to set manual Groove and Marbles options for the entire surface. These allow you to see these as if they cover the entire road to give you some indication of their effect.