gMotor 3ds Max Plugins

3ds Max Plugins are required to export models to the game. They allow for the setup of materials, as well as exporting of SCN file text.

We provide versions for 3ds Max 2012, 2017 and 2021 at present, in 64bit architecture only.



Known Issues

  • In order to use a gMotorMaterial you must be using the scanline renderer.
  • You can only setup the first 8 sampler slots for a Material in the max plugins. Any further slots need to be setup in the Material Editor. It is not anticipated that this will be fixed.
  • At export time, you will be told about issues with your mesh, however you will not be given an exact vert or face id to track down the issues.
  • Exporting to FBX with gMotor Materials crashes max. Convert materials to standard first.  Under investigation.
  • Plugins do not support the Slate Material Editor. Use the simple material editor. Under investigation.
  • Some meshes seem to export with out giving a complete message for some reason.  Under investigation.