Advertisements - Tracks

In order to optimize the usage of advertisements and to prevent duplication of maps, this is the method we use for mapping advertisements around tracks.

Common Albedo Maps

Here are the guidelines for setting up albedo maps:

  • Use the same albedo map in many different objects and materials.
  • Tall & narrow albedo maps should be setup to allow for tiling on the U axis. This enables tiling of the advertisement, and different on the same map. 
  • Mapped on power of two scale, to allow for automatic UVW setup.
  • Include a small padding on each ad, don't stretch the ad right up to the edge of the advertisement space.
  • Ensure each advert logo is centred on both axis.
  • Do not prebake any dirt or grunge, we set this up in the material instead.
  • Leave any unused slots blank, for future additions.
  • Do not duplicate advertisements
  • Tile advertisements if they are of such a scale.
  • Save PSD in Sources folder
  • Name texture: Advertisements_<category>
    • Recommended categories: Banners, General, Narrow etc.

Example from Monaco:

Material Setup

The basic principle is to make use of multiplication maps in the shader to add details to the generic map.

  • Multiplication Map for a single advert, saved linear and adds material type information to the albedo map, uses second set of UVW.
  • Metallic Roughness and Normal also use second set of UVW and do not have any vertical tiling.
  • AO Specular map can either be prebaked for the type (for example an advertisement on an Armco Barrier or wall), or use the object AO (for example a complex large billboard).
  • Material should be named for the surface, although if they have a separate collision mesh this is not so important. For example ArmcoAdverts, CmwallAdverts, TwallCanvasAdverts

This method was used at LeMans and newer tracks to map the same texture on to Armco, Concrete Walls and Tyre Canvas etc