Digital Flags

Shader: L2DIGITALFLAGEMISSIVE / DigitalFlagEmissive

DigitalFlags must be named using the mandatory prefix "DigitalFlag_", then a 3 digits number, starting from 000, as for the standard CornerWorkers.

They must be distributed and numbered in a correct order, following the driving direction, so starting from 000, for the first flag after the S/F line, and adding +1 each next flag, along the course.

Do not skip numbers in the sequence.

Required Maps

(can't be named differently)

How to setup the material in 3Ds Max

How to setup the Animation in 3Ds Max

How to setup the Material in the Web Mat Editor

  • EmissiveLightIntensity: Does set the max glare we want. (around 85 should be fine with the stock maps to achieve a noticeable flashing glare)
  • PeriodSeconds: Does set the speed of the blink. Typically it's a 120BPM signal, so 2 blinks per second (0.25).

At the moment we cover these warnings;

  1. OFF (No Obstacles On Track)
  2. FIRST LAP CLEAR COURSE (All DFs are Blinking Green)
  3. LOCAL GREEN (Local DFs are Blinking Green, after a local Yellow DF, when track is clear)
  4. LOCAL YELLOW (Local DFs are Blinking Yellow, when an obstacle is present)
  5. LOCAL BLUE (Local DFs will Blink Blue to you car, mean you must allow the following car to pass at the earliest opportunity)
  6. SAFETY CAR (All DFs shows a SC flag Blinking, that starts with SC deployed and stops when SC turns back to pits)
  7. LAST LAP CHEQUERED FLAG (All DFs will start Blinking the Chequered Flag, as soon as the P1 will pass the finish line at the end of his last lap)

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