Broadcast Overlays

Broadcast overlays are now integrated into the simulation as part of build 1118. That means you can use them directly in-game or with a broadcasting tool like OBS or XSplit. The overlays comes with a separate control panel can be used to control cameras as well as enable specific broadcast elements. It is available as a web page, which means you can remotely control the connected client from another computer or tablet. The overlay itself is also available as a transparent web page for integration into broadcast tools, but it is also available directly in-game when you watch in full-screen. There is also a system to customize overlays for your own league, tweaking colors, adding your own logos and customizing the style through CSS (cascading style sheets). This customization also includes support for setting safe regions when broadcasting to linear TV, and a way for a single control panel to control multiple clients in case you need to stream the same cameras to different output formats in the highest quality, completely removing the need for expensive frame interpolation hardware.

Using the Control Panel

The control panel works as soon as you have started your rFactor 2 client and you are in a session. You can access it with any web browser by going to:


You will then see a panel with a list of cars and drivers on the left, and you can click on cars to switch the camera to that car. On the right there are various panels that are part of the overlay. You can enable and disable them, as well as configure various aspects.

Using the Overlay


Go to any camera view and select full screen mode. Now you will see the overlays as you enable them via the control panel.

Broadcast Tool

Go to this URL:


It will show a page with a transparent background that you can integrate into your broadcast tool (or view in a browser, but that's less useful in general).