We have 6 main PostFX presets, automatically assigned to the different cams. This allow us to render, tweak and/or exclude, specific effects for every set of cameras. Beneath is a brief description of each profile.

  1. Preset 0; This is used in the Scene Viewer only. It uses Auto Exposure.
  2. Preset 1; That is used by the cockpit camera only. It should also be used by any onboard cameras in cars. It uses fixed exposure calculations at this time due to a bug in which the cameras would sometimes expose much higher.
  3. Preset 2; That is used on Trackside cameras, mainly by static cameras and has a slightly higher Bokka effect in the Depth of Field. It uses Auto Exposure.
  4. Preset 3; That is used by Trackside cameras and has a slight Bokka effect on the Depth of Field. It uses auto exposure.
  5. Preset 4; That is used for the Swingman cam and other car cameras which are not inside the vehicle. It uses auto exposure.
  6. Preset 5; This has a fixed exposure, and is used for the showroom.

Camera Files

The postfx profile used in a camera can be over-ridden by setting it manually in the cam file with the entry: