Using the new TC and ABS options

Modern cars can have built-in systems that help with braking, accelleration and going through turns. We added the option for specific cars to feature traction control and anti-lock brakes as part of the car, completely separate from any “aids” settings. On top of that, we can configure the exact number of “levels” the real cars have and decide if you can adjust those levels in-car or just in the garage as part of your setup, and even if you can turn it off or not, as some cars have such aids built-in and you can’t even disable them.

For this documentation, let's look at ABS as a specific example, but treat it as a generic one. If a car has ABS, it is either configurable or it is not, and if it is configurable it can either be configured in the garage only or also when driving. If it's not configurable, it is always on (using that one set of parameters that was specified). If it's configubable, then multiple sets of parameters need to be specified. This allows you to model several cases, like:

  • ABS that you can turn on/off, by providing two sets, one where it is off, another where it is on.
  • ABS that is always on but has different levels, by providing a set for each level.

Setting these up requires you to add HDV properties to the car. They are explained, with an example, below.

HDV Properties

Traction Control

OnboardTractionControl=1                       // set this to one to allow changing it onboard
TractionControlGrip=(1.4, 0.2)                 // average driven wheel grip multiplied by 1st number, then added to 2nd
TractionControlMapRange=(0.0,0.2,6)            // start, step, number of steps
TractionControlMapSetting=2                    // default value
TractionControlMapSpecial=(0,"1"," (Off)",0.0) // an example of special mappings (range 0.0 to 1.0 for the amount of TC)
TractionControlMapSpecial=(5,"6"," (Full)",1.0)

Antilock Brake System

OnboardAntilockBrakeSystem=1            // set this to one to allow changing it onboard
ABS4Wheel=1                             // 0 = old-style single brake pulse, 1 = more effective 4-wheel ABS
ABSGrip=(2.0, 0.0)                      // grip multiplied by 1st number and added to 2nd
AntilockBrakeSystemMapRange=(0.0,0.2,4) // start, step, number of steps
AntilockBrakeSystemMapSetting=2         // default value
AntilockBrakeSystemMapSpecial=(0,,,0.0) // an example of special mappings (range 0.0 to 1.0 for the amount of ABS)

Cockpit Graphics

The current setting for both TC and ABS can be mapped to a cockpit setting. They are called "TCMap" and "ABSMap" and contain a numerical value.